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Chanukah December 18th - 25th in Dubai

enjoy magical moments this chanukah IN ONE OF DUBAI'S MOST PRESTIGIOUS HOTELS.

the Magic and warmth of dubai

Gaya Tours is excited to host you in the five-star Park Hyatt Hotel, one of Dubai’s most prestigious hotels which has welcomed our travel groups and delighted our guests throughout the past three years with its lavish accommodations, spectacular facilities and world-class service.

Internationally-acclaimed chefs will dazzle your palate with a culinary festival of delectable banquets fit for a king. under the strict kashrus certification of Rabbi Rotenberg.

The Park Hyatt is uniquely constructed in a way that affords our group maximal privacy and enables us to celebrate Yom Tov as a closed group within the Hotel complex. In addition, the Hotel staff has generously availed a spacious reception hall that will function as a shul and activity hall throughout the week of Pesach.

The ultimate choice for a royal retreat

Join us for a magical Chanukah with all the warmth and splendor Dubai has to offer!
The Emirates is a relatively new travel destination for the Jewish tourist, so come and warm up from the winter's cold.

Accommodations dubai

The Dubai Park Hyatt Hotel spectacular verdant grounds, adult and family swimming and wading pools, golf and mini-golf courses, volleyball and tennis courts, human chess boards, a man-made lagoon and luxurious spa, as well as a vast play area for children encompassing tennis and pool tables, a giant sandbox and castles.

Gourmet Cuisine dubai
Gourmet Cuisine

Internationally-acclaimed chefs will dazzle your palate with a culinary festival of delectable banquets fit for a king. Featuring a private restaurant in the main Hotel building exclusively for our use facing the spectacular marina and overlooking the breathtaking blue-green Dubai Creek.

Spa and Wellness dubai
Spa and Wellness

Step into a temple of touch and aroma, where time is left behind, and a new journey begins. Spa facilities include indoor pool with hydromassage and water cannon, indoor whirlpool, sauna.

Surrounding dubai
The Surrounding

Dubai has so much to offer for individuals, couples and familiesthat are looking for fun and adventure. Tour the iconic Burj Khalifa skyscraper and world-famous Dubai Aquarium & Underground Zoo. As well as unforgettable adventures as snorkeling, jeeping,  the world’s longest zipline, and much more! 

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