Europe River Cruising

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Shabbos Nachamu 2022, August 9-17 join GAYA TOURS as we create a unique atmosphere that is restful and relaxing and at the same time lively and intriguing. Gaya Tours opens up the world to the Kosher Traveler that dreams of seeing the world and experiencing Luxury, excitement and 5 star cuisine. Wonderfully exotic destinations with itineraries to match. You will be planning your next vacation before you get home.

Scenic Diamond cruise a floating paradise

It’s more than an elegant, five-star, floating hotel. When you board your Scenic Space-Ship,
you unpack your bags once and settle into your spacious, luxurious suite. Now you can explore the
entire 443 ft lenght of the vessel, including your choice of right- filled public spaces where you can relax & indulge.

hotel icon

With no more than 150 guests, you can enjoy the unrivaled opulence and world-class amenities. Step inside your indulgent and spacious suite - your home away from home and watch the world go by from your Scenic Sun Lounge. Our suites are among the largest on Europe's waterways.

Gourmet Cuisine
Gourmet Cuisine

Your river cruise is more than an exploration of Europe... it's a deep dive into the regional culinary delights and flavors. Visit french wineries for a kosher wine tasting. Moishe Mayer is in the wine industry for over 20 yrs he has traveled the world curating the top wines for his famous wine by the month club.

Spa and Wellness

Nurture and spoil yourself with our wide range of truly all-inclu- sive health, fitness and wellness amenities, including our
state-of-the-art gym, yoga with the wellness coach, a muscle-soothing mas- sage, and a rejuvenating hair or spa treatment.

The Surrounding

The name Bordeaux has always evoked, enchanting impressions where the civilised and the natural coexist in easy harmony, and wine lovers are free to engage in their favorite pastime - savoring the world’s finest wines.